Immersive online Virtual Reality Game

Client needed game concept, researched VR, developed MVP, overcame challenges


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Key takeaways

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The client's need for concept development and ideation sessions to generate the best online game idea was met through brainstorming and refining potential concepts. Research focused on determining the best online game type for cross-platform functionality and potential transition to the Metaverse after MVP testing. A comprehensive base was developed for creating an in-game economy and applying a play-to-earn approach to maximize player engagement in multiplayer mode, ensuring smooth multiplatform functionality.

Ideation sessions were conducted with the client to generate and refine online game concepts. Research was conducted to determine the best applicable game type and gameplay mechanics based on the ideation sessions. Investigating haptic device compatibility, hand-tracking options, and the best platforms for the game, the team analyzed UX flow, architecture, content types, developed volumetric videos, 3D assets, and tested basic APIs. Holographic research was also conducted for project presentations.

The team overcame challenges such as ensuring functional stability across platforms and synchronized object movements without violating physics for stable multiplayer. High-quality graphics were maintained, ensuring realistic environments and locations. Results included validated viable game ideas, technological research on devices and platform compatibility, and the development of an MVP for a Virtual Reality Immersive Game, undergoing testing for further development.

Rrahul Sethi
May 27, 2024
5 min read