Immersive Social AR: Transforming Brand Experiences

Social AR by Invisible Thread offers immersive, interactive brand experiences


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Social Augmented Reality (AR) presents an enchanting opportunity for brands to enhance video calls with engaging experiences. AR effects like themed backgrounds, environment filters, masks, costumes, and virtual props offer novel ways to express emotions and ideas on social platforms. These effects, when shared among friends, create immersive social interactions that can be personalized, fostering unique moments of connection.

Invisible Thread is proud to collaborate with major entertainment brands like Marvel, Netflix, and Nickelodeon to design and launch innovative social AR filters, apps, and games. These experiences feature interactive characters that can react to facial expressions, sit on shoulders, and engage in playful interactions. For instance, Instagram and Messenger AR group effects introduce characters like Pegacorn, My Little Friend, and Marcel the Shell, allowing users to send these characters to friends' screens with gestures and expressions.

One of their creations, Space Race, playfully mocks the billionaire space race by turning participants into astronauts and launching them into space. Another collaborative game, A Snowee Adventure, requires players to work together to build a snow person and create unique outfits, emphasizing the importance of communication and coordination.

In the effect Butterfly Migration, users can experience a tranquil moment as butterflies flutter onto their faces, which can also be shared with friends. Aura Vibes is another feature that matches the caller's mood, enhancing the visual experience based on facial expressions.

Lastly, the Stranger Things Season 4 Effect transports users to the landscapes of the popular show, offering a unique way to connect across distances and dimensions. These examples demonstrate the exciting possibilities of social AR, bringing people together through playful and immersive experiences.

Rrahul Sethi
May 22, 2024
5 min read