Jacobs' VR Solution for Consumer Research and Employee Training

VR solution streamlines consumer research, enhances employee training for Jacobs

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Jacobs, a global coffee brand, sought Varwin's expertise to streamline its consumer research process. Varwin developed a virtual reality (VR) solution, creating a virtual store for comprehensive consumer studies at lower costs. This innovative approach allows Jacobs to understand consumer decision-making in dynamic retail environments across different markets.

The VR solution addressed three main challenges for Jacobs. Firstly, traditional research methods like interviews and surveys often fail to capture the emotional aspects of consumer behavior. Varwin's VR store simulates real-world scenarios, providing a more immersive and insightful experience for participants.

Secondly, Varwin enhanced Jacobs' global training initiatives by creating a standardized training simulation. This simulation ensures consistent knowledge among customer-facing employees, reduces training costs, and unifies communication approaches. Lastly, Jacobs needed a flexible solution to accommodate both iconic and new products. Varwin's solution is adaptable and scalable, allowing Jacobs to tailor the VR simulations for different research studies and training needs.

The training simulation for employees is interactive, with speech recognition to assess the effectiveness of their responses. Varwin's XRMS platform, a low-code solution, empowers Jacobs' marketing team to customize simulations for various research studies independently. The impact of Varwin's solution has been significant for Jacobs. They have replicated store layouts of major chains, analyzed customer movements to optimize product placement, and used the simulations for decisions on label designs and promotional strategies. Varwin's VR solution has revolutionized Jacobs' consumer research and training processes, providing a cost-effective and insightful approach to understanding consumer behavior and enhancing employee training.

Rrahul Sethi
May 28, 2024
5 min read