Medical App Integrates M-Pesa for Convenient Purchases

B2C medical app in Kenya integrates M-Pesa for medication purchases

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Before developing a pharmacy app, our team worked on the CaptureProof medical app, facilitating online consultations and health monitoring for HIPAA-compliant doctors. This app bridges the gap between patients and doctors, providing visual examples to aid discussions.

The current project involves developing a B2C medical app that functions as an online shop with delivery services. The app, designed as a geolocation service, allows users to locate and purchase medicines urgently, regardless of their location.

The app simplifies the search for medicine by enabling users to scan nearby pharmacies, compare prices online, select desired items, and request courier delivery. Users can also pay for medicines through the app. The app is currently focused on Kenya but may expand to other areas in the future.

Key features include a prescription scanning feature for users to upload prescriptions, a search function for finding medicines, and an interface for pharmacies to view and fulfill orders. The app is integrated with the M-Pesa payment system, a popular mobile payment solution in Africa, to simplify transactions.

The development process involved creating separate applications for patients and pharmacies, as well as a PHP version for the server to manage app settings. Integrating the M-Pesa payment system was challenging due to unclear documentation and a lengthy registration process. Despite these challenges, the integration process was completed, allowing users to make payments through the app. Overall, the app aims to improve access to medicines and simplify the purchasing process for users in Kenya.

Rrahul Sethi
May 30, 2024
5 min read