Monarch Healthcare: Advancing Nursing Education Through VR

Monarch Healthcare embraces VR for standardized, engaging nursing education statewide

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Monarch Healthcare Management has embraced VR technology for remote learning across 22 sites. The positive reception to this implementation spans across diverse age groups, with employees aged 19 to 75 responding favorably to VR integration. Moreover, the VR training modules are meticulously designed to align with Minnesota's state competencies, ensuring both relevance and compliance in educational standards.

Regarding the goals and approach to UbiSim implementation, Monarch Healthcare Management has outlined several key objectives. Firstly, the organization aims to engage learners in novel ways through VR, thereby enhancing their educational experiences. Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on standardizing education, ensuring consistency and quality across different sites. The use of VR also enables remote facilitation, allowing educators to monitor and guide learners from various locations seamlessly. The decision to work with UbiSim stems from its reputation for being cost-effective, innovative, and endorsed by the state of Minnesota.

Feedback from nurses and educators further underscores the success of VR integration. Nurses and educators alike appreciate the immersive and enjoyable nature of VR training. Notably, individuals from different age groups, including those unfamiliar with VR technology, find the experience engaging and novel.

The benefits of VR for learning are significant. Research suggests that VR environments promote better information retention compared to traditional teaching methods. By catering to the preferred learning styles of younger generations, VR ensures organizational success through adaptation and relevance.

Integration with state competencies is a crucial aspect of VR implementation at Monarch Healthcare Management. VR scenarios are tailored to address specific state competencies, such as hyperglycemia management, providing learners with practical and relevant experiences. Realistic scenarios, including hypoglycemia management, further enhance the effectiveness of VR training.

Monarch Healthcare Management leverages UbiSim's intuitive Editor to create custom scenarios tailored to the unique needs of nursing home settings. Additionally, the responsive support provided by the UbiSim team ensures that feature requests, such as the addition of the Fowler's position, are promptly addressed, further enhancing user experience. Collaboration with local colleges highlights Monarch Healthcare Management's commitment to innovation and education. By offering VR experiences to nursing students, the organization positions itself as a pioneer in educational technology adoption, providing valuable clinical placement opportunities and shaping the future of healthcare education.

Rrahul Sethi
June 4, 2024
5 min read