Motivotter's AR Inspiring Health Goals

Groove Jones creates AR experience featuring Jake Oettinger's Motivotter


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Groove Jones recently collaborated with Launch Agency and Baylor Scott and White Health to create an innovative AR experience centered around the campaign "Goals Start Here." This campaign features Jake Oettinger, goalie for the Dallas Stars, and his inner voice, known as his "Motivotter," which serves to inspire fans on their personal health journeys.

The AR experience, developed by Groove Jones, positions Jake Oettinger as a personal Hype Man, appearing in users' selfies and photos to help them achieve their goals. The Motivotter filter has been a huge success, garnering over 70 million impressions and boasting an average engagement time of over two minutes. Using their design and development expertise, the Groove Jones team created a digital double of Oettinger in the form of a mini-AR Jake. This digital double, Motivotter, is not actually Jake but represents his inner voice, combining his nickname "Otter" with "motivation."

AR Experience

Users can place Motivotter anywhere, celebrating their achievements with cheers, back flips, and a variety of dance moves. The experience is available on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok as a Social AR Experience. Fans can access the experience by scanning a QR Code or visiting, where they can choose their preferred platform and launch the AR filter.

To create the digital double of Jake Oettinger, Groove Jones used their XR Avatar Scanner, a portable 3D volumetric scanner. This scanner, equipped with 50 4K cameras, captures HDR data to create a lifelike 3D model of the person being scanned. This allowed the team to create accurate animations for the AR effect, including dance moves like the "Griddy" and the "Running Man." Groove Jones's AR experience for Baylor Scott and White Health has been a huge success, engaging fans and inspiring them on their health journeys.

AR Experience

Rrahul Sethi
May 15, 2024
5 min read