MSA's AR Transformation by Dream Syndicate

Dream Syndicate creates immersive AR experience for MSA's convention booth


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After the success of their previous FDIC event, Smith Brothers approached Dream Syndicate to create an even more impactful experience. Dream Syndicate augmented the entire convention booth, using AR badges on five MSA products to showcase product details, safety features, videos, and 360 views of firefighters using the products. Booth panels were also augmented, animating videos and product information for a comprehensive experience. Attendees were given iPads to explore the booth and uncover experiences at their own pace.

To seamlessly augment the safety equipment and firefighter gear, Dream Syndicate designed physical AR badges as triggers for the AR experiences. Each badge was customized for the specific product, ensuring ease of use and a consistent experience for attendees without altering the products. The AR experiences were designed as HUD overlays, floating in real-world space and tethered to the AR badge. Augmented panels were image-based, animating printed material to reveal additional messaging and videos.

The augmented booth was a resounding success, with MSA receiving the highest attendee engagement for another year. The AR app and equipment badges were distributed to MSA's sales and training force for ongoing use in the field.

Rrahul Sethi
June 3, 2024
5 min read