OKKO's AR Karaoke App for brand awareness

Custom AR karaoke app boosts OKKO sales, holiday brand awareness


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Key takeaways

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A customized AR karaoke solution featuring mice characters on branded cups was developed by us in collaboration with OKKO, with the aim of boosting sales and brand awareness during the Christmas holidays. The interactive experience allowed gas station visitors to sing, earn points, and win discounts, with entertaining mice playing instruments in the AR environment.

OKKO had sought to enhance its holiday sales and brand visibility, leading to the development of a Christmas karaoke app with AR mice characters on branded cups. The goal had been to transform gas stations into inviting family destinations.

To achieve this, marker-based AR technology had been utilized, where each cup had featured a mouse image triggering a 3D model in the app's camera view. Multiple cups could be tracked simultaneously, creating a full band of mice when brought together.

A scoring system had been integrated into the app, rewarding customers based on their singing performance. This had not only engaged customers but had also incentivized them to interact more with the OKKO brand.

Throughout development, extensive testing had been conducted to ensure the app's functionality and balance. An analytics tool had been integrated to provide OKKO with performance and engagement metrics.

Despite challenges such as developing a custom karaoke solution without available Unity plugins and creating an engaging AR experience, the project had been successful. The app had been integrated with OKKO's loyalty program, leading to increased customer engagement and satisfaction.

In conclusion, the OKKO AR Karaoke app had demonstrated the value of investing in AR technology with the right strategy, resulting in a memorable and rewarding experience for customers and significant benefits for the client.

Rrahul Sethi
May 27, 2024
5 min read