Peaceful VR for Children's Anxiety Relief

VR experience 'Breathe Peace World' aids anxiety relief in children

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'Breathe Peace World' is an engaging VR experience inspired by the book 'Aya' by Hanna Hymans Ostroff. In this interactive journey, Aya, the endearing main character, assists users in mastering conscious breathing.

When users put on the VR headset, they are transported to a peaceful forest with enchanting snowfall. The experience is enhanced with subtle color transitions, the gentle sound of wind through the trees, and animations that guide users to synchronize their breathing with Aya’s.

Debuting at the United Nations’ SDG Interactive Exhibition General Assembly, 'Breathe Peace World' received widespread acclaim for its ability to relax viewers and alleviate anxiety. It is currently being tested in children’s hospitals and medical centers nationwide, including Stanford Children’s Hospital, where it is used to help reduce pain and anxiety.

Rrahul Sethi
May 22, 2024
5 min read