Pepsi engaging Youth with AR Filters

Pepsi's Summergram campaign used AR filters to engage young consumers


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Pepsi's 2019 Summergram marketing campaign aimed to captivate the youth and boost sales during the summer season by introducing custom AR filters created using SparkAR. These filters were designed to enhance social media experiences and were accessible through QR codes on millions of Pepsi bottles.

Collaborating with Think Motive Agency, Pepsi sought to create engaging AR filters to align with the campaign's objectives. The main goal was to attract young consumers and drive Pepsi sales during the summer months.

To achieve this, the team focused on developing exciting and visually appealing AR filters that would resonate with Pepsi's target audience. Utilizing SparkAR, a robust AR software, they created filters that could be easily applied to Instagram stories, ensuring seamless integration and user experience.

One of the key challenges was to ensure the filters were not only fun and engaging but also relevant to the summer theme and Pepsi's brand image. The team conducted thorough testing to ensure the filters were functional and capable of enhancing user interactions on social media.

By integrating AR technology into their marketing strategy and making the filters accessible through QR codes, Pepsi successfully engaged young consumers and promoted their soda drinks during the summer season. The campaign demonstrated Pepsi's innovative approach to marketing and its commitment to providing enjoyable experiences for its customers.

Rrahul Sethi
May 27, 2024
5 min read