Post-COVID VR Training

Post-COVID VR training: realistic, remote, fiscally responsible, comprehensive, expert-driven

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Training is crucial for business success, especially in the post-COVID era, where gathering is restricted and budgets are tightened across all sectors. Many VR training modules are created by suppliers lacking field experience. These VR scenarios, although visually appealing, are often just gamified theoretical environments that don’t reflect real workspaces. Traditional VR training platforms still necessitate travel and common training spaces, which is incompatible with the current health, safety, and financial constraints.


Utilize project-specific content from Contxt Rapid Wide Area Scanning (RWAS), integrate it with high-resolution 3D models, and refine it with insights from field experts with over 20 years of experience in industrial remediation, civil engineering, and oilfield work worldwide. This combination is then optimized for VR, resulting in realistic, customized training and orientation modules. NVision's proprietary technology enables up to 50 remote participants, located in different rooms or countries, to train together with a single remote instructor. This approach ensures social distancing, fiscal responsibility, and thorough training.

Rrahul Sethi
May 27, 2024
5 min read