Red Bull's AR Dance Experience

Red Bull uses AR kiosks for enhanced street dance fan engagement


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Key takeaways

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Red Bull's HeroMirror kiosks captivate fans by illustrating the excitement of street dancing and allowing them to vote for their favorites using AR technology. Augmented Reality meet-ups with top street dancers extended the reach of the Dance Your Style event format, significantly boosting the team’s popularity.

The Red Bull kiosks provided high-quality, engaging interactions across multiple locations simultaneously, resulting in high levels of interaction and social media sharing. Each AR moment was designed for shareability, leaving a lasting impression and enhancing the event’s reach. This international, mixed-style dance competition features a unique twist where the crowd votes to decide the winner. To innovate fan engagement, Red Bull partnered with INDE to create a new way for fans to interact with the brand, leveraging its association with street dancing and integrating Augmented Reality.

Placed at various locations in the US, these kiosks allowed fans to interact with dancers Beks and Don Soup in Augmented Reality. This unique interaction brought fans closer to street dance and its stars, aligning with Red Bull’s vision of bridging the gap between the event location, athletes, and the enthusiastic fan base.

This innovative component of Red Bull’s fan engagement strategy enhanced the groundbreaking “Dance Your Style” street dance competition. The HeroMirror AR experience played a significant role in enabling fans to connect with their dance heroes in a safe, innovative manner.

Rrahul Sethi
May 30, 2024
5 min read