Shopify's 3D Shopping Experience

Shopify Mementos Store: 3D product exploration and AR purchase experience

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Poplar Studio recently partnered with Shopify to assist in launching the Mementos Store in November 2021, envisioned as the 'Store of the Future.' This innovative store allowed customers to explore editor-curated products from Shopify merchants in full 3D and to-scale. Shopify tasked Poplar Studio with utilizing 3D modeling and augmented reality to showcase these selected products to employees, enabling digital interaction. The first Memento Store was planned for Shopify's Berlin office.

To achieve this, Poplar Studio developed an iOS application that enabled Shopify employees to explore six hand-picked products from Shopify Editors, with the added opportunity to purchase them. These products could be visualized in 3D or launched in AR, using Poplar Studio’s 3D/AR Product Visualization solution. The application was accessible via iPads placed in the Memento Market space in Berlin on free-standing units. Employees could launch the experience by scanning a Shopify logo, which granted access to a virtual shopping bag. Inside, the 3D modeled products were showcased, allowing users to interact by rotating and zooming in and out. The AR feature further enabled users to virtually place the products in their real environment at true scale.

After visualizing the products, customers could add them to their cart and complete their purchase, providing a complete 360-degree sales cycle. The experience, which launched in November, was a significant success. Following this success, Poplar Studio is now collaborating with Shopify to develop five additional 3D models for the store. Moreover, Shopify plans to launch new Memento Stores in other cities, expanding this innovative shopping experience to more locations.

Rrahul Sethi
May 22, 2024
5 min read