Skoda's Evolution: AR App Boosts Brand Awareness

Skoda's AR app showcases vehicle evolution, enhancing brand awareness effectively


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Key takeaways

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The AR app developed for Skoda aimed to enhance brand awareness and convert prospects into clients by showcasing the evolution of Skoda’s vehicles. By partnering with Cirque du Soleil and leveraging AR technology, Skoda sought to create an innovative product that aligned with its core values.

To meet Skoda’s needs, the development team collaborated closely with the company to understand its goals. Drawing inspiration from Skoda’s history, the app was designed to tell the story of Skoda’s journey, starting with its first-ever bicycle, the 1895 Slavia, and including iconic models like the 90s Favorit and the Skoda Vision IV, its first fully electric vehicle.

Scalability was a key consideration during development to ensure that users could easily interact with the app, including taking pictures with life-sized 3D vehicles and placing miniature versions on tables. The app also featured crystal backgrounds to symbolize Skoda’s logo and included video explainers to enhance users’ understanding of Skoda’s evolution.

Despite challenges such as defining project requirements and selecting the right products to feature, the app was successfully launched and well-received. It demonstrated that AR technology could be used effectively for marketing purposes beyond entertainment, helping businesses like Skoda stand out in their industries. Even after the initial event, Skoda continued to utilize the app in its dealer centers, highlighting its ongoing success and impact.

Rrahul Sethi
May 27, 2024
5 min read