Stamford College's Immersive Education with VR Technology

Stamford College enhances education with immersive VR technology for students

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Stamford College, part of the Inspire Education Group, delivers education and training to more than 2,000 students annually, offering a diverse range of courses from A-levels to apprenticeships and professional training. With a vision to lead in education and training, the college leverages its staff's expertise and industry-standard facilities. Using funding from the Department for Education for the Greater Lincolnshire Area, Stamford College installed a Virtalis ActiveWall with Visionary Render software, a cutting-edge solution used by leading organizations worldwide.

The ActiveWall is utilized across various disciplines. Engineering and Construction students can design and construct complex structures without the constraints of time, cost, or physical resources. Science students can simulate intricate scientific procedures. History students can explore ancient sites or virtual historical events through immersive field trips.

The ActiveWall enhances student engagement and retention by offering an immersive learning experience. This rear-projected system with stereo 3D and head-tracking technology allows students to interact with a wide range of content, providing a hands-on approach compared to traditional learning methods. Unlike VR headsets, the ActiveWall allows the entire class to participate simultaneously, promoting face-to-face interaction and collaboration. By using Virtalis solutions, which are also employed by renowned organizations such as Siemens, Ford, Aston Martin, and BAE Systems, Stamford College equips its students with practical skills and experiences that are relevant to their future careers.

Rrahul Sethi
May 28, 2024
5 min read