TAPP Group's efficient VR Training

TAPP Group uses Varwin's VR to train on equipment usage

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TAPP Group, a provider of equipment for the mining and mineral processing industry, sought a VR solution from Varwin to simplify product demonstrations and speed up employee onboarding. TAPP Group manufactures equipment for coal preparation plants, a business unit crucial to their operations. However, many of the company's managers and engineers have never experienced these plants firsthand. Recognizing the need for employees to understand how their equipment is used, TAPP Group, with Varwin's help, decided to create a VR simulation of these sites for virtual training.


The project aimed to develop digital versions of the equipment and create a flexible, dynamic simulation adaptable by TAPP Group. Initially planned with one 3D designer, the project expanded to three designers due to the complexity and size of the plants. Despite challenges, the team successfully converted CAD files from TAPP Group's engineering software into VR formats, recycling existing data to speed up development.

Varwin completed the entire simulation in two months. Within the first month, ten employees underwent VR training, leading to a comprehensive understanding of TAPP Group's products and operations. Varwin's XRMS platform allows easy adaptation of the simulation without programming knowledge, meeting TAPP Group's requirement for flexibility.

Overall, the VR solution has enabled TAPP Group to train employees effectively and efficiently, providing them with a virtual experience of coal plants and enhancing their understanding of the equipment and its applications.

Rrahul Sethi
May 28, 2024
5 min read