Teplocom's VR Training and Product Showcase

Teplocom uses VR for training and showcasing new products effectively

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Teplocom, known for its durable flow meters and heat meters, collaborated with Varwin and HTC to address challenges in employee training and product presentation. The Teplocom 2.0 project aimed to enhance the installation expertise required for their equipment and showcase their new products effectively.

The project consisted of two parts: a training VR simulator for engineers and a 3D model of the VKT-9 heat meter for product demonstration. The VR simulator provides a detailed guide for installing heat meters in challenging locations, offering interactive elements and close-up views of the device. It also features a unique wristwatch navigation device for user convenience.

The 3D model of the VKT-9 allows customers to explore the product in detail, providing a virtual experience of disassembling and inspecting the device. The development utilized HTC VIVE for its flexibility and compatibility.


The project's results include an immersive VR training tool for engineers, enhancing safety and saving costs. The detailed 3D model of the VKT-9 aims to increase sales conversions and improve the company's exhibition stands by offering virtual product experiences. Teplocom plans to continue building virtual 3D models for their products to enhance efficiency and safety in various tasks.

Rrahul Sethi
May 28, 2024
5 min read