UbiSim VR Enhances Nursing Education

Enhanced nursing education with UbiSim VR boosts NCLEX pass rates


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Preparing students for the Next Gen NCLEX is a significant challenge. The Loewenberg College of Nursing at The University of Memphis is dedicated to improving student success rates by enhancing their learning experience. Over the past two years, around 200 students and seven faculty members have incorporated UbiSim's advanced virtual reality (VR) platform into their curriculum, alongside other resources like ATI. This integration has led to an improvement in pass rates.

Brian Reeves, BSN, RN, Nursing Laboratory Manager, emphasizes the need for interactive tools to engage students and prepare them for the workforce and NCLEX. UbiSim was chosen for its effectiveness and value. Amy Luckey, MSN, RN, Clinical Assistant Professor, highlights the limited clinical placement availability and how UbiSim provides an alternative solution, enabling students to experience virtual clinical scenarios.

Lacee Harris, Clinical Assistant Professor, appreciates how VR allows students to handle critical situations without real-life risks, providing a richer learning experience. VR saves time compared to traditional methods, as Lacee explains. It allows for individual pacing and streamlines the entire process of prebriefing, scenario execution, and debriefing. Amy emphasizes the importance of psychological safety in VR. Students can take breaks and discuss their experiences without pressure, fostering better learning outcomes.

In summary, the integration of UbiSim's VR platform alongside traditional resources has significantly enhanced the learning experience for nursing students at The Loewenberg College of Nursing.

Rrahul Sethi
June 4, 2024
5 min read