VideoReport Canarias Enhances TV Broadcast with AR

VideoReport Canarias adopts Pixotope AR for TV Canaria's 'Una Hora Menos'


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VideoReport Canarias, the leading audiovisual production company in the Canary Islands, has been providing services to well-known broadcasters in Spain for over a decade. They produce weekday and primetime news for RadioTelevisión Canaria (TV Canaria) and a variety of entertainment and current affairs programs. To enhance their regional broadcasting services with virtual production, VideoReport Canarias partnered with Pixotope for rapid, on-budget, and flexible augmented reality (AR) solutions.

Their flagship program, 'Una Hora Menos', a primetime weather show on TV Canaria, has been at the forefront of adopting real-time AR technology, offering creative and original stories about the local culture, environment, and people. This shift to cutting-edge broadcast technology was made possible through a collaboration between Tangram, a Pixotope distributor in Spain, and Bienvenido Gil (BGL), VideoReport Canarias' supplier and system integrator.

The challenge was to find a resource-friendly and visually appealing way to produce live TV. 'Una Hora Menos' needed to present a wide range of topics, from environmental and sustainability issues to science, heritage, and social stories, requiring a flexible production technology that could handle various virtual backgrounds and informative graphics. Additionally, with the show airing every weekday in prime time, the production team had to develop visual assets quickly and efficiently.

By adopting Pixotope's virtual set solution, 'Una Hora Menos' transformed from a small production set with limited resources to a versatile multi-camera studio, allowing for the creation of limitless stage scenarios for news reporting and storytelling. Despite the geographical distance, Pixotope provided remote and on-location support throughout the implementation process, ensuring a smooth transition to virtual production. This partnership has enabled VideoReport Canarias to deliver a visually stunning and informative program while balancing budget and technical innovation.

Rrahul Sethi
May 27, 2024
5 min read