VR Safety Training: Assessing Machine Risks at Toyota

Toyota & Groove Jones' VR for safety training on factory hazards

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Toyota Motor of North America teamed up with Groove Jones to revolutionize machine risk assessments for safety training. Their innovative approach led to the development of a VR experience that engages team members in learning about assessing risks associated with new equipment on the factory floor.

Machine Risk Assessment

The Machine Risk Assessment VR App immerses users in a virtual factory environment where they encounter a large mechanical piece of equipment, such as a robotic arm, with potential safety hazards. Each session presents a random selection of hazards, enhancing replay value and providing users with varied training experiences.

The VR experience begins in a waiting room where users can initiate the session, transporting them to the virtual Toyota factory floor. Users are tasked with identifying hazards associated with the equipment, determining the nature of each hazard, and selecting appropriate measures to mitigate them. As users interact with the machine in VR, they are prompted to identify hazards, specify the type of hazard, and select the correct countermeasure. This interactive approach ensures that users actively engage with the training content, enhancing their learning experience.

Machine Risk Assessment

At the end of each session, users receive feedback on their performance, including whether they passed or failed the assessment. They can review missed hazards to understand and learn the correct actions or responses. The VR experience also provides detailed information about each hazard, including severity level, risk of exposure, and reduced risk exposure score.

The VR experience is designed to be compatible with the HTC Focus 3 wireless VR headset for a premium training experience. Additionally, a desktop version of the app extends the reach of the training program to a larger audience, ensuring accessibility and effectiveness in safety training.

Machine Risk Assessment

Rrahul Sethi
May 15, 2024
5 min read