VR Simulator for Understanding Child's Visual Impairment

Angel Eyes VR Simulator: Parents experience child's visual impairment firsthand

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Angel Eyes is a charity dedicated to supporting parents navigating the challenges of having a visually impaired child. To address the common struggle of parents understanding their child's visual impairment, Angel Eyes sought a more immersive solution than previous methods like simulation specs.

Their solution involved developing a Virtual Reality Visual Impairment Simulator, initially using the Oculus Go headset for its portability and affordability. Later, they switched to the Pico Neo Headset, leveraging its eye-tracking feature for a more realistic experience. With input from an expert optometrist, they selected six common eye conditions to simulate: reduced visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, reduced 3D perception, photosensitivity, loss of peripheral vision, and half-field of vision.

The simulator offers three pre-defined scenes from children's lives: a classroom, a play park, and a street. Parents can choose a scene and adjust individual or combined impairments, as well as their severity, to mimic their child's condition. Additionally, pre-set combinations based on an Eye Conditions and Visual Functions spreadsheet provided by Angel Eyes offer specific simulations.

This immersive experience allows parents to step into their child's world, experiencing daily challenges firsthand. Whether at school, in the park, or on the street, parents gain insight into their child's perspective. With unique combinations of eye conditions, each simulation is tailored to the individual child, providing a powerful tool for parental understanding and empathy.

The Visual Impairment Simulator not only offers practical support but also helps parents emotionally, easing feelings of isolation and despair. By bridging the gap between parent and child experiences, Angel Eyes enhances parental confidence and decision-making regarding their child's care and education.

Rrahul Sethi
June 4, 2024
5 min read