XR Showroom Revolutionizes Product Demonstration

XR app showcases cash processing systems in immersive digital environments


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The Masterworks Automodules Immersive Showroom is an XR multiplatform application developed on Flutter with further Unity integration, aimed at showcasing and demonstrating cash processing systems and cash terminals in retail shops, pharmacies, and hospitals. The client, Masterworks Automodules from Taiwan, sought to embrace digital transformation and establish a presence in the Metaverse to enhance their sales opportunities.

To achieve this, they needed a solid XR development partner and enlisted the help of the team responsible for the XR solution. The project involved developing 3D models to represent the company's products, eliminating the need to transport bulky machines to exhibitions or clients' premises. The XR solution had to demonstrate 3D objects in augmented and virtual reality, as well as be accessible from a web browser, including a web version and a VR version for Meta Quest 2.

The development process began with gathering the client's needs and researching 3D models and workflow. The team then developed an AR module and showroom to replicate the logic of cash machine operations for showcasing anywhere. Additionally, they developed a VR app with three rooms showcasing different perspectives of the modules in action. A web adaptation was also created to allow 3D model demonstrations without a VR headset, shortening the sales cycle for the sales teams.

Challenges included integrating the Unity app previously made on Flutter, researching the user journey and operations of cash machines, and meeting incredibly tight deadlines for 3D model development. Despite these challenges, the project was successful, achieving a "WOW" effect on potential customers and enabling the client to showcase their products effectively at major retail shows globally. The XR solution streamlined the workflow for salespeople, eliminating the need for equipment transport to expos.

Rrahul Sethi
May 27, 2024
5 min read