Xtadium: 4K VR MMA Experience

Xtadium offers 4K VR MMA with free live fights, UFC content


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MMA fans will experience live fights in Xtadium, featuring 4K resolution and 180-degree VR capture. Viewers can enjoy cage-side seats for free, alone or with friends, and switch camera angles during fights. Afterward, UFC FIGHT PASS account holders can access a library of UFC PPV cards and original content.

YBVR CTO and Co-Founder Sebastian Amengual stated that VR enhances MMA viewing by providing an immersive, up-close experience. VR's strengths, such as providing proximity to fighters and the Octagon's enclosed nature, make MMA a compelling VR broadcast compared to other sports.

To ensure optimal video resolution, YBVR uses advanced compression and adaptive bitrate streaming, adjusting video quality in real time based on network conditions. This ensures a smooth, high-quality stream even with fluctuating bandwidths.

Amengual highlighted the significance of reaching the UFC fan community in VR, stating that it's about creating a new way for fans to connect with the sport. By offering an immersive experience, YBVR aims to deepen fans' connection to MMA and create a global community of passionate fans.

Rrahul Sethi
May 30, 2024
5 min read