Hyundai Motors Trains Workforce with Virtual Reality

This is how Hyundai Motor India Ltd. is Training their on-ground workers in Virtual Reality!!

Sharing Hyundai’s VR Training Simulator for Assembly Process…

😎 The challenge faced by Hyundai: How can we optimize training for a complex, fast-paced process while ensuring accessibility for users?

Hyundai Motors India partnered with XR Labs - The AR VR Company to develop a cutting-edge VR Simulator enabling the automotive leader to:

This VR simulator provided:
▶ Training workers with realistic inventory systems i.e. virtual replicas of real tools and parts, fostering accurate part identification and usage.

▶Custom training scenarios, tailoring the experience to specific needs and challenges to test scenario configuration engines.

▶Track progress, measure performance, and identify areas for improvement with data-driven insights.

▶Built-in Power Tools System to master the virtual manipulation of tools, enhancing real-world dexterity and safety.

Automobile industry has one of the best training use cases from immersive manufacturing solutions to virtual test drives, setting a standard for workforce development.

I remember my conversation with Piyush Gupta, CEO, Vosmos on how the automotive industry has direct fitment to virtual dojo room training. In fact, his team is also actively working on numerous use-cases for the automobile sector.

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