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Choose your Competence

You can choose one of the below Mentioned Categories and show off your skills at XRthon.

Specific Agenda of the day will be revealed on the day of the XRthon

Unreal Artist

You will be creating High quality 3d Assets like Characters, Environments, and Special Effects using Unreal Engine

Unreal Developer

You will be creating detailed & Innovative workflows in Unreal Engine.
Creating a revolutionary Process

3D Motion Graphics

You will be creating High quality videos using Provided Assets, showcasing your VFX skills.

Prize pool

Cash Prize INR 1 Lakh
Internship Opportunity
MEC & Quidich Merch
MEC Gold Pass

How it works?

XRthon is a 12 Hour Rigorous Event to test your skills and how effective you work in a competitive environment.


Register before 10 March, 2024. Spots are LImited so we recommend you to register soon!

Choose your Competence

Select one of the competence -> 3D Artist, Unreal Developer or VFX Motion Graphics.
The Prompts will be released for each of the competence on the day of the event.

Training By MEC

Pre-Training by Experts from MEC: Get ready for the challenges with Exclusive Pre-Training Conducted by Industry Experts.
Learn Valuable Insights, Understand the Concepts, and Practice to excel in that specific Competence.

Deliver & Win Prize

Submit your work before 2:00 PM 18th March 2023. Our Esteemed Judges will review your work. Results will be out on 26th of March, 2024.


Our panel of judges possesses extensive experience and diverse expertise across various fields, guaranteeing a fair and insightful assessment of your innovative solutions. Now, let's introduce the brilliant minds who will be guiding and evaluating your projects.

Rrahul Sethi

Founder, Metaverse911

Rrahul Sethi

Founder, Metaverse911

Rrahul Sethi

Founder, Metaverse911

Rrahul Sethi

Founder, Metaverse911

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